44th Symposium

44th St. Gallen Symposium

Taking place from 8–9 May 2014, the 44th St. Gallen Symposium explored the tensions being raised by the «The Clash of Generations». Below you will find a selection of videos and photos of all session formats – from large plenary sessions to glamorous Dinner Nights. Browse through the content and relive the spirit of St. Gallen. Full video coverage can be found on YouTube.

Some of the highlights in 2014 included appearances of Paul Achleitner, Ivan Glasenberg, Raghuram Rajan, Tony Tan and Robert Zoellick.

The Clash of Generations

The 44th St. Gallen Symposium took place under the topic «The Clash of Generations». This topic is a visor through which a growing concern regarding societal structure and its implications on economic productivity, general welfare, political stability and social cohesion shall be raised. An increasing disparity in claims, values and objectives across all segments of society has caused tensions that threaten the coexistence of generations.

Videos, Pictures & Downloads

Below, you can find a selection of plenary sessions and impressions, as well as downloads from the 44th St. Gallen Symposium. For a full archive of videos, visit YouTube.




Prof. Timothy Garton Ash, Neil Harbisson, Kersti Kaljulaid, Ong Ye Kung and many more joined us in May 2017.

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