50th St. Gallen Symposium "Freedom Revisited": 7–8 May 2020




Meet our student representatives to learn how you can qualify for an expenses-covered participation in the 49th St. Gallen Symposium. We look forward to seeing you at our featured events, information sessions and presentations taking place all around the globe. 

The event-calendar will be updated within the next two weeks.

Members of the Organising Committee

  • Valentine Daendliker (CH)
    Born in 1996. 2nd year bachelor level.
    Responsible for Leaders of Tomorrow North America
  • Lino Gandola (CH)
    Born in 1996. 2nd year bachelor level.
    Responsible for Leaders of Tomorrow Europe
  • Lars John (CH)
    Born in 1997. 2nd year bachelor level.
    Responsible for Leaders of Tomorrow Asia


Information Sessions & Presentations


Great Britain & Ireland

 Date  University  Contact
 06.11.2018  University of Edinburgh  Lino
 07.11.2018  University of Glasgow  Lino
 08.11.2018  The University of Manchester  Lino
 09.11.2018  University of Warwick  Lino
 12.11.2018  The University of Oxford  Lino
 13.11.2018  University of Cambridge  Lino
 15.11.2018  LSE  Lino
 16.11.2018  Kings College  Lino


 Date  University  Contact
 23.11.2018  University of Mannheim Business School  Lino
 26.11.2018  Freie Universität Berlin  Lino
 26.11.2018  Humboldt University  Lino
 27.11.2018  Hertie School of Governance  Lino
 27.11.2018  Technische Universität Berlin  Lino
 28.11.2018  Bucerius Law School  Lino
 28.11.2018  Universität Hamburg  Lino


 Date  University  Contact
 05.11.2018  Università Luigi Bocconi  Lino


 Date  University  Contact
 19.11.2018  Johannes Kepler Universität Linz  Alexandra
 22.11.2018  Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien  Alexandra
 26.11.2018  Technische Universität Wien  Alexandra
 28.11.2018  Universität Wien  Alexandra

Czech Republic & Poland

 Date  University  Contact
 19.11.2018  Charles University Prague  Kelsey
 19.11.2018 and 22.11.2018  University of Economics Prague  Kelsey
 23.11.2018  University of Warsaw  Kelsey


 Date  University  Contact
 21.11.2018  Université de Genève  Janina
 22.11.2018 and 28.11.2018  University of Basel  Janina
 10.12.2018  Université de Lausanne  Janina
 11.12.2018  Université de Neuchâtel  Janina
 13.12.2018  University of Bern  Janina


 Date  University  Contact
 29.11.2018  CBS Copenhagen Business School  Lino
 30.11.2018  University of Copenhagen  Lino

Norway, Sweden & Finland

 Date  University  Contact
 21.11.2018  Stockholm School of Economics  Veronica
 19.11.2018  Oslo University  Mikal
 21.11.2018  BI Norwegian Business School  Mikal

Netherlands, Brussels & Luxembourg

 Date  University  Contact
 19.11.2018  University van Amsterdam  Lino
 19.11.2018  Free University Amsterdam  Lino
 20.11.2018  TU Delft  Lino
 21.11.2018  Erasmus University  Lino
 22.11.2018  Maastricht University  Lino
 22.11.2018  United Nations University  Lino
 26.11.2018  University of Luxembourg  Mikal

Spain & Portugal

 Date  University  Contact
 03.12.2018  ESADE  Lino
 03.12.2018  UPF University Pompeu Fabra  Lino
 04.12.2018  IE University  Lino
 04.12.2018  Universidad Autonoma de Madrid  Lino
 05.12.2018  NOVA University  Lino
 05.12.2018  Católica University  Lino


 Date  University  Contact
 06.12.2018  HEC  Lino
 06.12.2018  Science Po  Lino
 07.12.2018  Ecole Polytechnique  Lino
 07.12.2018  Université Sorbonne  Lino

Asia & Russia


 Date  University  Contact
 05.11.2018  National Research University – Higher School of Economics  Lars
 06.11.2018  Moscow State Institute of International Relations  Lars
 06.11.2018  Lomonosov Moscow State University  Lars
 07.11.2018  Financial University  Lars
 07.11.2018  Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology  Lars


 Date  University  Contact
 08.11.2018  O.P. Jindal Global University  Lars
 08.11.2018  Ashoka University  Lars
 09.11.2018  Jawaharlal Nehru University  Lars
 09.11.2018  University of Delhi  Lars
 12.11.2018  SP Jain Institute of Management and Research  Lars
 12.11.2018  Indian Institute of Technology  Lars
 12.11.2018  University of Mumbai  Lars
 14.11.2018  Jain University Bangalore  Lars
 14.11.2018  Christ University Bangalore  Lars
 15.11.2018  St. Joseph’s Institute of Management Bangalore  Lars
 15.11.2018  Indian Institute of Management  Lars


 Date  University  Contact
 21.11.2018  University of Malaya  Lars
 21.11.2018  National University of Malaysia  Lars


 Date  University  Contact
 16.11.2018  National University of Singapore  Lars
 16.11.2018  Singapore Management University  Lars
 19.11.2018  Nanyang Technological University  Lars

China & Hong Kong

 Date  University  Contact
 22.11.2018  Hong Kong Baptist University  Lars
 22.11.2018  City University of Hong Kong  Lars
 23.11.2018  University of Hong Kong  Lars
 26.11.2018  Hong Kong University of Science and Technology  Lars
 26.11.2018  Chinese University of Hong kong  Lars
 27.11.2018  Fudan University  Lars
 28.11.2017 – 30.11.2017  Tongji University  Lars
 28.11.2018  China Europe International Business School  Lars
 28.11.2018  Shanghai University  Lars
 28.11.2018  East China Normal Uni  Lars
 29.11.2018  Jiaotong University  Lars
 30.11.2018  Peking University (HSBC Business School)  Lars
 30.11.2018  Beijing Normal University  Lars
 03.12.2018  Tsinghua University  Lars
 03.12.2018  Central University of Finance and Economics  Lars
 04.12.2018  Beijing Foreign Studies University  Lars
 04.12.2018  Renmin University  Lars


 Date  University  Contact
 05.12.2018  Seoul National University  Lars
 05.12.2018  Yonsei University  Lars
 06.12.2018  Korea University  Lars


 Date  University  Contact
 20.11.2018  Kyoto University  Nadine
 21.11.2018  Nagoya University  Nadine
 21.11.2018  Nagoya School of Commerce and Business  Nadine
 22.11.2018 and 26.11.2018  University of Tokyo  Nadine
 23.11.2018  Open Research Forum  Nadine
 26.11.2018 and 27.11.2018  Waseda University  Nadine
 28.11.2018  International University of Japan  Nadine
 29.11.2018  National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)  Nadine
 29.11.2018  University of Tsukuba  Nadine
 30.11.2018  Tokyo University of Foreign Studies  Nadine
 03.12.2018  Tokyo Institute of Technology  Nadine
 03.12.2018  Hototsubashi University  Nadine
 05.12.2018  Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University  Nadine
 06.12.2018  Hokkaido University  Nadine


North America

United States of America

 Date  University  Contact
 05.11.2018  Georgetown University  Valentine
 06.11.2018  George Washington University  Valentine
 07.11.2018  Johns Hopkins University (SAIS)  Valentine
 08.11.2018  University of Pennsylvania  Valentine
 08.11.2018  Temple University  Valentine
 09.11.2018  Princeton University  Valentine
 12.11.2018  New York University  Valentine
 13.11.2018  Columbia University  Valentine
 14.11.2018  Fordham University  Valentine
 15.11.2018  Yale University  Valentine
 16.11.2018  Brown University  Valentine
 19.11.2018  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  Valentine
 20.11.2018  Harvard University  Valentine
 21.11.2018  The Fletcher School at Tufts University  Valentine
 21.11.2018  Boston University  Valentine
 26.11.2018  Queens University  Valentine
 27.11.2018  University of Toronto  Valentine
 28.11.2018  York University  Valentine
 29.11.2018  Stanford  Valentine
 30.11.2018  UC Berkeley  Valentine
 03.12.2018  UCLA  Valentine
 04.12.2018  CalTech  Valentine
 05.12.2018  USC Pepperdine University  Valentine


 Date  University  Contact
 22.11.2018  McGill University  Valentine
 23.11.2018  HEC Montréal  Valentine
 23.11.2018  Concordia University  Valentine