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Quantifying the opinions of our future leaders.

Since 2010, we, together with the Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions (NIM), have been publishing a global survey, the Voices of the Leaders of Tomorrow report, formerly called the Global Perspectives Barometer, empowering the voices of students and young professionals worldwide. It is a study on the opinions and thoughts of the next generation of leaders. The results of this study are published each year not only at our global forum but also through broad media coverage.

Voices of the Leaders of Tomorrow report 2019

The Voices of the Leaders of Tomorrow report 2019 gives a voice to a specially selected group of the future’s top talent: the Leaders of Tomorrow from our network. More than 1,000 Leaders of Tomorrow from all over the world followed this year’s invitation to share their opinions about the role of companies in society and about their expectations and ideas for purpose beyond profit as part of doing business. The complete results will be debated in a special session at the 49th St. Gallen Symposium.

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Key Findings 2019


Global Perspectives Barometer


Press Coverage Voices of the Leaders of Tomorrow 2019

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Sinnstiftung vor Effizienzsteigerung: Junge Top-Talente erwarten von Unternehmen einen gesellschaftlichen Nutzen NIM Sandra Lades