50th St. Gallen Symposium "Freedom Revisited": 7–8 May 2020


Future Symposia

You're invited to join us.

Future symposia will take place from

  • 50th St. Gallen Symposium: 7–8 May 2020
  • 51st St. Gallen Symposium: 6–7 May 2021
  • 52nd St. Gallen Symposium: 5–6 May 2022

Whether you are a business leader, student or reporter, we travel the world in search of the most relevant speakers and participants to create a symposium worth every minute attended.

We are financed completely privately. See our Circle of Benefactors and contact us if you are interested in joining with your company.

We provide leaders and young talents around the globe with fresh insights into the most relevant issues concerning our world in order to create meaningful change in the lives of key decision makers. We believe in and promote a liberal paradigm.

Did you know?

The contributions from our Circle of Benefactors enable us to bring the 200 Leaders of Tomorrow to St. Gallen each year, covering travel expenses. Beyond that, they finance the technical organisation of the event and enable us to stay in touch with our global network and deliver world-class services to participants.

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