49th St. Gallen Symposium "Capital for Purpose": 8–10 May 2019


Dirk Ahlborn on Transformation of Mobility

On 20 March 2019, Dirk Ahlborn, CEO Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, and Christoph Magnussen, CEO Blackboat Internet, joined us for a discussion on the future of mobility. Find the impressions here.

Host a Leader of Tomorrow

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Upcoming Speakers

Prof. Linda Hill

Wallace Brett Donham Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School, Harvard University

Prof. Niall Ferguson

Senior Fellow of the Hoover Institution, Stanford and the Center for European Studies, Harvard

Ignazio Cassis

Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland

Wealth – A Decent Ambition

By Johannes Berchtold

Progress – for a New Wave of Growth

By Johannes Berchtold

In economically sluggish times, one wonders where the next wave of growth will come from - and what kind of growth it will be. It will most likely not come from traditional industries, as good management and automation might be trimming them down. Likewise, demographics and the anticipated rise of a middle class in developing economies do not seem to unlock much growth potential in the short term. Hence, we should not look for more of the same, but for what could be truly new.

Growth – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

By Johannes Berchtold

Small Electric Yerevan Spark -- A Big Challenge for the Armenian Government

By Hasmik Grigoryan, Analyst at the Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation and member of the Leaders of Tomorrow community

The freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are fundamental rights in a democracy. These rights are also enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia.

The Rise of Cities in the 21st Century

By Véronique Herry-Saint-Onge, a member of the Leaders of Tomorrow community

The 21st century is seeing an incredible power shift and power dynamic with the rise of cities as socioeconomic and political actors on national and world stages. Around the world, municipal orders of government are typically the smallest order of government, often depending on another order of government for revenue or growth.

Beyond Influence: Rethinking Elites in the Brave New World

By Katharina Schramm, Graduate Student in Accounting & Finance, University of St. Gallen

Proudly Small: The Frugal City

By Clément Pairot, member of the Leaders of Tomorrow community

Forget the smart cities full of technologies and monitoring: let's live in frugal cities.

The Next Big Thing Is a Series of Small Things

By Laya Maheshwari, graduate student in social policy and planning, London School of Economics and Political Science