50th St. Gallen Symposium "Freedom Revisited": 7–8 May 2020



St. Gallen Symposium Press Coverage

The St. Gallen Symposium takes place annually in May. Find our press coverage here.

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EcoOst St. Gallen Symposium 2019 Press Coverage

The very first EcoOst St. Gallen Symposium took place on 27 May 2019. Our aim was to use the most important results of this year's St. Gallen Symposium and transfer them to the local economy. In an intriguing panel discussion on: "How do companies succeed in overcoming short-term profit thinking?" Roger Dudler, Barbara Senn, Prof. Dr Susan Müller and Dr Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus shared their views on "Capital for Purpose" with us. Find the latest press coverage here.

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> IHK St. Gallen–Appenzell: Kurzfristige Entscheide, langfristige Verantwortung

> IHK St. Gallen–Appenzell: EcoOst St. Gallen Symposium 2019 Podium [Video]

> IHK St. Gallen–Appenzell: EcoOst St. Gallen Symposium 2019 Workshops [Video]

49th St. Gallen Symposium Press Coverage

The 49th St. Gallen Symposium took place from 08–10 May 2019. Find the latest press coverage here.

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> St. Galler Tagblatt: Loblieder auf den Kapitalismus

> St. Galler Tagblatt: Der Handelskrieg kann noch lange dauern

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> NZZ über das St. Gallen Symposium: "Geld verdienen ist kein Selbstzweck."

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Programme 49th St. Gallen Symposium

Contribute-Debate-Create. From Plenary Sessions addressing a large audience to Interactive Sessions providing an intimate exchange of ideas, the 49th St. Gallen Symposium offers a wide range of discussion formats.

> Programme 49th St. Gallen Symposium

Dirk Ahlborn on Transformation of Mobility

On 20 March 2019 the International Student’s Committee (ISC) welcomed Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), and Christoph Magnussen, CEO of Blackboat and ISC Alumni, for a discussion about the Hyperloop technology and HTT’s innovative business model. Their discussion was recorded for the latest edition of Christoph’s podcast “On The Way To New Work”.

> University of St. Gallen Newsroom
> On the Way to New Work - #113 Dirk Ahlborn

St. Galler Tagblatt Dirk Ahlborn

EcoOst St. Gallen Symposium

For the first time we are hosting the “EcoOst St. Gallen Symposium” together with IHK and the University of St. Gallen. Mark the 27 May 2019 and join us at the Executive Campus HSG.

Gain first insights into this exciting event with this interview with Beat Ulrich, CEO St. Gallen Symposium, Prof. Dr Ulrich Schmid, Vice President University of St. Gallen and Markus Bänziger, Director of IHK.

IHK facts EcoOst St. Gallen Symposium

The article is only available in German.

The 4th St. Gallen Symposium Singapore Forum 2019 on "Capital for Purpose"

On 19 January 2019, the 4th St. Gallen Symposium Singapore Forum was held at the National University of Singapore's Shaw Foundation Alumni House. The panel focused on various steps business leaders, policymakers and academia can take to contribute to society.

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The 49th St. Gallen Symposium: Young generation calls for purpose-driven business

The next St. Gallen Symposium in May 2019 will debate the topic “Capital for Purpose”, addressing the urgency of working with presentand future decision makers in developingaction plans to overcome short-term thinking. The St. Gallen Symposium examines questions of how current activities like protectionist trade policies will affect long-term prosperity with the conviction that the time has come to counter short-termism and start doing ‘business as unusual’.

 Topic Announcement 49th St. Gallen Symposium


Get an idea about how our global debate on “Capital for Purpose” shaped by three generations of current and future leaders from 50 countries, will unfold and thrive.

Capturing compelling stories with CNNMoney Switzerland. 

We are excited to partner with CNNMoney Switzerland, which will cover cutting-edge content from our debates in St. Gallen – prior, during, and after the symposium. Urs Gredig, CNNMoney Switzerlands' Editor-in-Chief shares his view on the partnership and what he expects from the upcoming dialogue at #48sgs.  


Stellar speaker line-up take on “Beyond the end of work”.

Global figures, renowned experts, industry pioneers, and thought leaders will join our debate in May, including: Dirk Ahlborn, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc., Dominic Barton, Global Managing Partner, McKinsey & Company, Inc., Sigmar Gabriel, Minister for Foreign Affairs & Vice Chancellor of Germany 2013–2018, Dileep George, Co-Founder, Vicarious, Inc., Prof. Sarah Harper, Director, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, Sung-Joo Kim, Chairperson & Chief Visionary Officer, MCM Holding AG, Doris Leuthard, Federal Councillor of the Swiss Confederation, Jeremy Rifkin, President, Foundation on Economic Trends, Marcus Wallenberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors, SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda  Banken) AB, and Kwon Ping Ho, Executive Chairman Banyan Tree Holdings Limited.

> Full Speaker list 
> Programme 

Three generations of leaders debating “Beyond the end of work”.

We will introduce a brand new community representing the emerging generation of global leaders in business and politics: the Aspiring Leaders. They represent some of the most promising corporate leaders, young entrepreneurs and politicians between the age of 30 and 45. They will act as bridge builders between the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow. A series of up to 15 Work Sessions will be chaired at the symposium by this new community so that they can actively shape the debate at our upcoming forum.

Aspiring Leaders
Selection of Leaders of Tomorrow
Leaders of Today

30th St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award – empowering student ideas.

This year we celebrate the 30th edition of our global student idea competition, established in 1989. You will learn about impact stories of students who were inspired and empowered to come up with innovative and impactful initiatives through their participation in the symposium. We will welcome some of these students back to St. Gallen, where they will develop a framework with principles on how to make ideas work in the real world.

> Press Release competition 2018
> Review of the top essays 2018

Global perspectives of young elite on future of work.

More than 1,400 of the world’s brightest young minds from all corners of the world have shared their voices in our global study 2018 on the future of work. Current and future leaders will get exclusive insights into the attitudes of the young elite, which will help them make the right decisions when recruiting, employing and fostering the workforce of the future.

> Barometer 2018
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> Past studies (2010-2017)

Diversity & inclusion movement coming to St. Gallen.

The St. Gallen Symposium and the Institute for Canadian Citizenship are proud to present the inaugural 6 Degrees St. Gallen, following the 48th St. Gallen Symposium. In this full-day forum, participants will discover, debate, and develop unique perspectives on the essential links between immigration, citizenship, inclusion and the creation of innovative and robust economies in the 21st century.

> 6 Degrees St. Gallen
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Public forum on “Beyond the end of work”.

Join us at our inaugural St. Gallen Symposium Public Forum in the City of St. Gallen on 28 May 2018. It is open to everyone interested in reflecting on the key findings of the 48th St. Gallen Symposium. Young and senior leaders from within our community will offer exclusive insights and challenge the audience on what matters when embracing the future of work. The forum will be held in German. 

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An Official Media Partner

Caixin Global is proud to be partnering with the St. Gallen Symposium to cover relevant content prior, during, and after the annual forum.

An Official Media Partner

Handelszeitung is proud to be partnering with the St. Gallen Symposium to cover relevant content prior, during, and after the annual forum.