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We live in times where healthy debates driven by tomorrow's generation are needed more than ever.

600 Leaders of Today will join 200 Leaders of Tomorrow to debate on «The Clash of Generations» from 8–9 May 2014 in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Competition Questions

Choose a question.

Your contribution for the competition must treat one of the following questions.

Cluster A – Balancing Generational Claims

The presumption of an altruistic relation between generations and its positive effect on the economic well-being of societies is illusionary. Welfare states have widened fiscal gaps to an irreparable extent for the next generations. When aspiring to a sustainable welfare system, how should intergenerational claims balance without having to rely on selflessness?

Cluster B – A double-edged legacy

Let's be frank: The generational contract has failed everywhere – but for different reasons. Exuberant public debts, zooming healthcare costs, unequal distribution of wealth, loss of ethical and moral anchors, loss of trust in existing institutions: each state is facing a unique set of problems. Briefly describe the situation in your country and propose a generational contract defining mutual responsibilities on an economic and social level. 

Cluster C – A prospect for the young

Highly educated and ambitious, yet unemployed. A whole generation of young is entering the labour market with little prospect of success. The implications go way beyond individual tragedies as economies with lasting high levels of youth unemployment risk social instability. Present new solutions on how we can overcome this crisis.

Cluster D – Business between generations

Slogans like “rent is the new own” or Botsmann and Rogers’s “what’s mine is yours” (HarperBusiness, 2010) mark the trend of shared economy. Although not a new economic phenomenon per se, particularly the Millennials are embracing this attitude towards doing business where they value access over ownership. The trend is gaining global mainstream acceptance which is resulting in a lasting impact on economic performance. Discuss the future of shared economy, its overall implications and the dynamics between supply and demand. 

Essay Competition

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Topic: «The Clash of Generations»

«The Clash of Generations» questions claims, prospects and a growing rift between Leaders of Today and Tomorrow.