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The St. Gallen Symposium Magazine seeks students with backgrounds in media to cover the 47th St. Gallen Symposium from 3–5 May 2017, where the topic of the debate will be “The dilemma of disruption”. You have the opportunity to join an international team of young journalists and create visual elements and stories on our conference topic, all-expenses-paid (travel, board, and lodging).

You will be working with experienced editors from the United States and Switzerland. The outcome of this project will be a high-quality print magazine disseminated to more than 1,000 of the world’s most influential current and future leaders, including decision-makers in the fields of academia, business, politics, and society. On top of this, we will share the magazine’s most exciting articles online with thousands of followers on our various social media channels.

This short film, made by members of Magazine Team 2016, provides some insights and impressions with you:

Cover the diversity and depth of our debates & inspire the current and next generation of leaders.

The Magazine will cover the most fascinating aspects, stories and moments of the 47th St. Gallen Symposium: sessions, interviews with prominent speakers and in-depth reports about issues discussed at the symposium as well as behind-the-scenes features on the conference itself.

As no story is complete without fitting pictures, we are looking for illustrators who are capable to visualise key expressions of the articles and photographers with experience in event/conference and portrait photography.

Have a look at the St. Gallen Symposium Magazine 2016 to get an idea of the visual opportunities:

Invest in your journalistic track record.

This project will add to your portfolio while giving you the opportunity to meet the world’s most inspiring young and future leaders, decision-makers, entrepreneurs and thinkers. Furthermore, experienced journalists as well as experienced designers from the United States and Switzerland will serve as editors and advisors. Ideal candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Excellent spoken English is a must
  • Able to work within a tight deadline
  • Eye for detail, able to work well alone or in a team
  • An affinity for creative work
  • If you are applying as an illustrator, experience in illustrating economic or political topics
  • If you are applying as a photographer, experience in conference or event photography and portraiture, with an ability to work under a tight schedule.

You will stay and work in St. Gallen, Switzerland, from 30 April–6 May 2017. Pictures, visuals and visual stories will be due by 11 May 2017 at the latest. Furthermore, there will be online meetings in March and April 2017 to prepare for the work in St. Gallen. Please reserve time for preparation as it will make your stay in St. Gallen even more successful.

Don't hesitate, apply now.

Apply no later than Monday, 27 February 2017, to Mr Nelson Locher, responsible for communication, at, and kindly provide the following documents.

  • a one-page CV, in English (non-native speakers, please present your English diplomas, certificates, and/or classes)
  • a 300–500 word motivational letter (Word document), in English, explaining why you want to be part of this project
  • the letter should answer the following points:
    > Referring to next year’s topic, present 2-3 visual stories you would be excited to create or support with visuals or pictures. (Please describe them briefly)
  • name and contact information of a reference (professor or supervisor) who can speak about your ability to work under pressure and as part of a team
  • a portfolio showing your experience in illustration or event and portrait photography, respectively.

We are happy to provide more detailed information or answer further questions. Feel free to contact us any time via

Topic: «The dilemma of disruption»

The 47th St. Gallen Symposium, will look at the breeding grounds for radical change, assess the tough decisions that come with it and direct participants’ gaze beyond the strict business definition.

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Nils Smedegaard Andersen, Xavier Bettel, Dambisa Moyo, Tidjane Thiam and many more joined us in May 2016.

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