We bridge generations across 90 nations.

Debates in St. Gallen are all about finding new approaches and ideas to relevant issues that occupy today's generation of leaders and the future generations alike. We foster communities and invite participants based around this idea.

Leaders of Tomorrow are 200 of the brightest young minds chosen by us to engage and challenge the Leaders of Today, an international group of top-tier business leaders who run global organisations and have the highest level of impact within their respective institutions.

This exchange is ignited by the inputs and insights of our speakers – visionaries, thinkers and global leaders who spearhead discussions at the symposium. The debates are further facilitated by topic leaders , who function as opinion leaders, moderators and connectors between the various participant groups at the symposium.

200 young minds who challenge the status quo.

Leaders of Tomorrow are the heart and soul of the St. Gallen Symposium. They represent the most promising young talents from the new breed of entrepreneurs to outstanding academics, professionals, politicians and public intellectuals under the age of 30. Their involvement at the symposium is to bring the young generation's perspective to the debates that engage our Leaders of Today.

They are carefully selected in part via a global essay competition and in part based on academic or professional merit. Thanks to the financial support by our Circle of Benefactors, we can enable anyone who qualifies to participate as a Leader of Tomorrow, regardless of their economic background.


Nils Smedegaard Andersen, Xavier Bettel, Dambisa Moyo, Tidjane Thiam and many more joined us in May 2016.

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For more than four decades, we have nurtured a community of speakers from five continents featuring the world’s most influential figures from business, politics and society.

Topic Leaders

Their role is to infuse the symposium’s proceedings with a sharp focus on topical content and to challenge all participant groups to delve deeper into their own opinions on any given topic.

Leaders of Tomorrow

They represent the most promising young talents from the new breed of entrepreneurs to outstanding academics, politicians and other smart talent.

Leaders of Today

They are the largest participant group at the symposium, comprising top executives from over 600 institutions from around the world. They are visited and invited personally by the ISC.